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drip irrigation

Drip irrigation with a mini pump is intended for watering 15 plants.  Everything is very simple for growers without experience with automatic systems. place the pump in a tank with water, either in the picture or outside, and if you need to water, just connect the cable to the electrical outlet.

Irrigation set for live images:
15 droppers,  connectors, micro hose, mini pump with jack end (mains adapter not included)



Water connection options:

The easiest way is by using an external container, in which you place a mini pump and at the time of irrigation you simply connect  to drip irrigation in the picture and pump water from an external container to the plants. So quickly and easily you can water a live picture at any time, you can have the watering ready in a resealable container for multiple uses. The irrigation time is approximately 5 minutes until the water starts to drip into the lower tank in the picture.

The second way is to place the pump in the lower  reservoirs in the picture, where  we add water with fertilizer.



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