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We have been testing suitable technologies and substrates for several years to make it easy to grow plants on the wall. Maintenance is easy, you just need to pour water with fertilizer into the upper tank, while all the plants in the picture are watered at one time. Thanks to the waterproof substrate, it is enough to repeat the watering once every 2 weeks (depending on the brightness and the season).

With the help of simple tricks, it is possible to determine the brightness of the selected place(click here), for the selection of suitable plants.  If there is not enough daylight, we recommend adding artificial lightgrow light, which provides plants with the light spectrum necessary for their development. Every product contains hygrometer, which makes it easier to determine the watering time, coconut substrate for planting plants, and fertilizer.

Instructions for planting and maintenancelook here.

How to choose plants according to lighting conditions?

​We designed the live pictures to look perfect on your wall with as little maintenance as possible. However, after years of experience, we know that light is everything. And different plants have different needs.When choosing plants, be guided by the level of illumination: weak, medium, strong.

Click here to determine your brightness level.




which we like to use

A bright place, but not direct sun, they love a bit of morning and evening rays. Walls 1.5 to 3 meters away from a window facing south, and within 3 meters from windows facing east or west

 A bright place, preferably near a south window. or places with enough diffused light, where the plant can be exposed to direct sunlight for 3 to 4 hours a day. They are  all places  near windows facing east and west, ideally south-west.

  Diffused light, i.e. places within 3 meters of a north-facing window and 2 to 5 meters away from a south-facing window.



Scindapsus Neon

Epipremnum aurea


N Yoj






Peperomia rotundifolia

Tradeskancia zebrina

Peperomia angulata

Epipremnum aurea

Filodendron scandens



The coconut substrate maintains moisture for a longer period, releases it gradually through the roots, is airy and stable. It does not degrade like a normal substrate, the plants will thrive without replanting for several years, while the coconut can be used repeatedly.

  • plants suitable for planting have a bale diameter of 9 to 12 cm,

  • gently tap the substrate of the original root ball. For plants with a smaller bale (7-9 cm), it is enough to gently disturb its surface.

  • fill the bottom of the flower pot with coconut, insert the plant and cover the circumference with coconut substrate, press down,

  • watch the plants in the image for the first weeks, you will find out the frequency of watering by checking the hygrometer.

  • The plants will reward you for your care!

Living frames are designed to look perfect on the wall and their maintenance  is simple and understandable. It happens that one of the plants will have to be replaced over time, so it is important for us that the replacement of the plant is easy. However, after years of experience, we know that light is everything.  And different plants have different needs. When choosing plants, orientate yourself according to the light level: weak, medium, strong.

Here are the plants. which we like to put in to the frames


How does it work?

watering - by filling the upper reservoir, the watering is distributed to all the flower pots.

coconut substrate - maintains moisture for 1-3 weeks depending on the season.

the hygrometer signals the need for watering with a red light

the growth lamp makes it possible to place the picture even on a poorly lit wall

the hanging planter system makes it easy to change plants (in case the living frame needs editing).

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