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Vertical plant growing solution


Vertical gardens are the solution and the future of urban greenery. They play a leading role in contemporary architecture and design. Today, more than ever, people are trying to bring green and positive energy into their lives. Plants are associated with a sense of well-being, creativity and happiness. ​


Thanks to our system, we can create functional interior and exterior green walls and living paintings, which are an ideal way to beautify a modern home and public space.

Living frames.


Forget spilling. The smart system will always alert you to the need for watering.

Just add water once every 2 weeks and you're good..)

We believe you will love your live image as much as we love creating it.

living frames
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Inteligen &


(of course).

Handcrafted from wood and recyclable aluminum metal, planted in coconut substrate for long-lasting and healthy growth.

The benefits of living frames

make them more and more popular in modern living.


We feel better


Our physical and mental well-being increases in the presence of natural greenery.

Work smarter


The presence of plants increases happiness, productivity, focus and concentration.

Clean air


Many indoor spaces contain harmful volatile organic compounds that can cause headaches, fatigue and respiratory problems. Plants capture these particles and release oxygen at the same time.

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living frame EO

Connection with nature.

We have worked through long-term development to the unrivaled simplest solution for vertical gardens in a small format. ​


They save space and make growing a joy.) ​


Plants can now be everywhere! ​ ​ ​






Choose your living frame

Choose the size, color design,  wooden frame or metal minimalism.


Slovak product

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