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Frequently asked questions

How to take care of the plants in the living frames?

​Plants need water, light, nutrients to live. They are planted in the coconut growing substrate in the paintings. It is an inert material capable of retaining water and gradually releasing it to the plants. The optimal ratio of water and air creates excellent conditions for the growth and health of the root system. The coconut substrate does not degrade like soil, its properties do not change over time, so the plants will thrive in the picture without transplanting for several years.

Water: Add water with nutrients to the upper tank approximately once every 2 weeks. How often you water depends on the light and the season. Poorly lit plants in the winter season only need to be watered once every 3 weeks. Conversely, we water well-lit plants in the summer once every 10 days. For the first weeks, carefully monitor the need for watering. You can determine it easily using a hygrometer that scans the soil moisture. The red diode alerts you to the need to water. If the humidity of the substrate is adequate, it lights up green.


A simple calculation of the amount of watering according to the measure of 1 dcl per one flowerpot, for a smaller picture with 6 plants it is 6 dcl. So we pour easily 9 dcl  watering cans (capacity of the upper tank). The excess liquid drips into the bottom tank, where it will be accessible to the plants in the bottom row. This place in the picture will be especially appreciated by ferns, stipules, but also pothos.

The light: First find out  light level of your wall and choose plants accordingly. The minimum requirement for live images is 500 lux. At a lower light level, give the plants supplemental growth light. And light 8 hours a day.

Nutrients: the plants are planted in a coconut substrate, which itself does not contain any nutrients, so it is necessary to supplement the nutrition with each watering. The advantage is that coconut chips do not degrade, and are able to repeatedly absorb nutrition, which is then easily accessible to plants. we have tried a number of different nutritions, and we recommend using nutrition for coconut substrates on a natural basis Coco-hesi - universal.

Summary: growing on a well-lit wall is very simple, just add water with nutrients to the upper reservoir as needed, which is signaled by the hygrometer stuck in the flower pot


How do I find the light level?

strong, medium or weak light?  Here are three simple ways to determine the level of lighting to help you choose plants.

1. Use a professional luxmeter.

2. Download a light measuring app (for example Lux Meter by waldau-webdesign is quite         good).

3. Shadow test. choose a place on the wall where the picture will be. When the sun is at its strongest (from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.), raise your hand 15 cm from the wall and analyze the shadow to determine the strength of the light:

  • Strong lighting: If your wall is illuminated with bright light for at least 6 hours a day.A shadow cast on this wall would show clean, sharp outlines and strong contrast. The luxmeter would show above   2000-lx.

  • Good lighting: If your wall receives mostly filtered sunlight for at least 6 hours a day.The shadow cast on this wall may look a bit blurry, but it still shows a defined silhouette. Luxmeter would show between 1000-2000 lx.

  • Low light: If your wall doesn't get any direct sun. Finding shade is difficult. A luxmeter would measure between 500-1000 lx.

NOTE: a vivid image needs at least 200 lx to survive. If your wall is too dark, use supplemental lighting. Also, use a grow light if you desire plants that require better lighting.

Can the living frame be connected to automatic irrigation?

JA simple irrigation system, which will help the owner especially during a long-term absence, can be part of the picture, just click in the order. Here you can see how it works.


Can I hang a living painting outside?

Yes, the wood is treated with a protective coating to help with resistance and durability, but  harsh external conditions will deteriorate the wood faster.  Therefore, the eo_ variant without a frame is more suitable. However, after consultation, we can increase the resistance of the materials to weather conditions, so it is necessary to enter a request in the order.

What is the warranty on living frame eo.

The warranty period for the live image eo is 2 years from the receipt of the product. For live  the plant is not covered by the warranty.

What are the conditions for returning goods?

You have up to 14 days to return the item undamaged to our headquarters, no questions asked.

Phone: 00421 911 242 003

What if the plants go away? Can I enforce my own?

RThings can happen to plants that we cannot control. However, you can easily transplant different plants into the eo hanging planters up to a diameter of 12 cm. Here is an example of plants that we like to eat.

Can I order a different image size?

We are direct producers of livinf frames and are therefore open to solving your requirements individually. Send us an e-mail:

Can I grow herbs in the painting?

Yes, but keep in mind that herbs need excellent lighting to thrive.

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