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Hanging planter  eo

Hanging flower pot eo in the colors - black, white, olive, anthracite, allows the creation of a vertical garden for growing flowers, herbs or strawberries at home, on the terrace or balcony. It can be easily hung on trellises, gabions, wooden slats or fences. The distance between the individual steps must be 17 to 19 cm so that the flower pots fit into each other and flow into each other.

Tip for dealing with dressing in your absence:

Flower pots have a dual function - hanging and self-watering. Therefore, when planting, fill the lower part with a mineral substrate such as coconut, expanded clay or zeolite. And during your absence, you can remove the pots with plants from the wall, and for the period when you will not be at home for a few weeks, water them properly and put them in containers with water so that only their lower extended part is submerged. That way they can last longer without you.) The lower part filled with coconut (another mineral substrate) can be immersed in water and suck it up to the roots. An ordinary soil substrate would cause rotting of the roots. Therefore, this lower method of watering is only possible if you fill the bottom of the pot with a mineral substrate.

   rozmer  (v x š x h)

21,5 x 11,7 x 14 cm


PP plast 

   objem kvetináča 

1000 ml

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