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universal fertilizer Hesi

Hesi Coco is a universal flower and growth fertilizer designed for growing in coconut substrates. The fertilizer is made from high-quality natural substances. The ratio of basic nutrients is N-P-K 8-6-10. Furthermore, the fertilizer is enriched with vitamins, amino acids, simple sugars and trace elements (iron,magnesium,zinc,copper,boron,molybdenum, iodine andcobalt). Hesi Coco is enriched with active vital substances that increase energy and keep the flora of the substrate healthy. Hesi Coco fertilizer is also one of the few "one-component" fertilizers that can be used for both important phases of the plant – flower and growth. The fertilizer does not contain any fillers, so there is no risk of deposits.

- for growing plants: 30 ml per 10 l
- for plants in flower: 50 ml per 10 l


During the dormant season from November to March:  half dose.

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